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If there is going to be a new Toolbox firmware, my wishlist

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  • If there is going to be a new Toolbox firmware, my wishlist

    I got a second toolbox recently, since I think this is one of the best sequencers for live performances in the eurorack realm.
    After spending some time with the last firmware, I have to tell you what I think, and my wishlist:

    1) compared to the previous firmware ( 2.0.2 ) my main concern is the digital keyboard: now it's not possible to play CV NOTES in real time with the keyboard anymore. This is a big step back, that was one of the most useful and live performance weapons that whatever sequencer could have, Just the possibility to hit the note only one time and maybe put a long delay on the sound source, or whatever, makes things just more dynamic,special and fun, more like an instrument in a live performance! plus you do it with a digital keyboard on a digital screen (how cool is that!). It is possible to record the sequence, but in the moment you are hitting the keys, it feels like you really don't know what you are doing, then the sequence has been recorded (maybe in the wrong way but you don't know until you hear it) and it will keep playing until u mute or clear the cell. the HIT and PLAY possibility is as simple as it is important, I would say crucial on a keyboard and a live performance tool in general, and now for that, you need to add another module when it was already there and it was perfect, or you go back to the previous firmware and you will lose the envelopes!

    2) Envelopes are a great addition but they need to use gates 5-8 instead of 1-4: Simply because CV NOTE CELLS that melt 2 slots together use gates 5-8. It's still possible of course, but when you use the envelopes on a note sequence ,the screen, like it is now, gets really messy: first gate cells, second cell nothing, third note cells. and then to mute everything you have to touch 2 cells instead of only 1, when the screen is busy, this looks like a total mess.

    3) The only useful and must have things about the song mode are tempo and swing: that kind of song mode makes me feel it was made only to say: we have a song mode too on the sequencer! but in reality it is difficult to make it work, the workflow is tedious, and it is also bugged. Those kind of automations are not very useful, it feels like a lot of cpu power that could have been used to improve more useful stuff like reverse, pendulum and random sequences for example. Better not to have than having a thing that feels like a 25% of what it should be.

    4) only 3 words: BIPOLAR CV SEQS.

    I know it is discontinued but those are easy changes that would make the module much better for anybody who invested in it, and still think it is a great sequencer.
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