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Problem with updating.... Is there a way to reset the blackbox?

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  • Problem with updating.... Is there a way to reset the blackbox?

    Hello everybody!
    got a problem with the new update for my blackbox. I put the new file on the sd card as I am doing it always, but when I start the update, blackbox says it can't find the firmware... Even if I want to downgrade it to 1.7.4 it doesn't work. So I wanted to know if there is a way to "reset" the blackbox.... Anyone had the same problem before?
    Would be nice if you can help me guys! Thanks!

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    I guess there is none, sorry pal.


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      The best way to reset the blackbox is to start with a blank micro SD card and new firwmare. This is the closest thing to a reset. If you are having trouble installing firmware, please check these videos for step by step instructions.


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        I have problem with updating the new 2.00 firmware,i download the blackbox BIN file in the micro card, who came with package,and i check with my computer, the new files exist in the micro card,but when i put back the micro card in the blackbox and open it with the instruction.The new files do not load in the Blackbox,it's still the old version 1.6.5. I really appreciate some help here.Thank's .


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        Thank's but it's a MIDI tutorial,nothing to do with my problem.And I follow the video tutorial for the download of the 200 firmware.My micro card receive the Blackbox.BIN files,but when i insert it in the Blackbox and power the machine,it 's not loading the new firmware,they keep the old one 1.6.5


        • Steve
          Steve commented
          Editing a comment
          sorry. I posted the wrong video.

          There is no reset feature. The best option is to format your card and download a fresh copy of the content from the Product Downloads section. Instructions are included in the download

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        Hi Steve,thank you for your response,and i did follow the video instruction,and the micro card is the original one ship with the Blackbox,so i imagine it is the good format.To be sure i understand well (french is my mother tongue,you know).you suggest to reformat the micro card (that will erease all the files inside),and re-download all the process. Thank's again.


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          I would suggest a better card than the included card. SanDisk Extreme pro a2 cards have performed well for us. use SD Card Formatter. You can either backup the files from the card or download fresh from the forum. Look under Product Downloads > Sampler Content Bundles.