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Bitboxmk2 sync issue

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  • Bitboxmk2 sync issue

    Hello everybody !

    Something very mysterious is happening with the sync of my bitboxmk2, Let me explain :

    I use the bitboxmk2 in CLIP mode, to play samples and I control the bitboxMK2 with an arturia beatsteapro.
    My partner sends me MIDI via his RME FirefaceUC sound card to my beatstepro so that we are synchronized !

    My settings in the beatbox misc are:
    - Loop mode (on)
    -Quant size (1 Bar)
    -BeatCount (Auto)
    -Sync (slice)
    We rehearsed twenty times and it always worked very well...

    We recently played on stage, during the sounchecks we detected no sync issues, everything was fine.
    Unfortunately 3 hours after the soundchecks we start our live and we notice that we are more in sync (T_T)
    at that moment I wanted to die !
    so i tried to regain my composure and quickly diagnose the problem...
    I turned on my beatsteapro 2/3 times, my partner did 2/3 start and stop and after five minutes the sync miraculously returned.
    Impossible to know why or how we are satisfied with that to continue our live..

    The next day we play on another stage where we had no time for the soundcheck, so we plug in while the other artist is playing and we headphone check our sync.
    For 45 minutes impossible to synchronize... We had to face the facts and canceled our live..

    We returned to the studio to diagnose the problem, we tested the midi cables, the controllers, the laptops, my beatstep sequencer and it turns out that the problem would be either bitboxmk2 or beatstepro.
    But here is the point where I am completely LOST.
    We are retesting our live still with the same sync problem.
    And I discovered that by activating in the parameters of my samples - sync (1 bars) it resynchronizes!

    After 5 minutes of playing, I realize that my other samples are still set to sync - SLICE are synced too!
    So I find it very strange, I stop everything and I decide to go back to my samples that I had to set to Sync - 1bars
    I put them back on "Slice" and the miracle ... the SYNC works again !! So I understand absolutely nothing ...

    I'm waiting for your feedback, to know if this has happened to any of you before or if anyone has any idea what it could be!

    Thank you <3

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    I responded to your email. Let me know if you would prefer to be helped here, instead.


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      Please do respond here. Syncing seems to be an issue for more than one user. Let's hear how to diagnose such issues. Thanks