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Change firmware on the fly?

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  • Change firmware on the fly?

    Is there any way that you (1010, not us users) could adjust the hardware OS so that switching firmwares without rebooting the whole system (turning the whole case/rack off and back on) is possible?
    I bought a 4hp power switch by to be able to restart only my Bitbox, but it would be most elegant if the Bitbox was capable of this all by itself.

    It might work so that long pressing (5 seconds?) the Home and Settings buttons would restart the module.
    Switching the SD card with the module turned on is possible, if only to load different presets/sounds for the currently installed firmware.
    One might exchange the SD card to a new firmware and then do the long-press-action described above.

    Voilà, new firmware loaded while the rest of the system is still running.


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    I agree this would be a great feature and have suggested several times. Should start a donation to fund the change? lol
    In regards though the boot loader would probably need complete overhaul and unsure if capable.
    Also all the firmware share the same filenames, etc and need flashed to execute at the moment.
    he scheme for each application filename would additionally have to be changed. I do think it would be great though.


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      I'll try pressing Aaron some more about this one. But so far he doesn't think it's possible. Sorry!


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        I figured that was the case as we had talked about difficulty doing before....but he's super smart he will figure haha. (A firmware which is a loader, which then loads firmware from the card by new naming convention of the files. If the firmware flash needs only one name to load...the firmware loader can temporarily rename the selected application to the single name that the flash process needs.... sounds easy, I'm not knowledgeable about the platform...but always easier said than done right?) I assume possibly the only flash method requires hardware intervention and/or JTAG access though?...that's my fear this won't work.

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      Do you mean that all three firmwares would be on one SD card and one could just switch it right there?
      That would be even more practical.


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        Here‘s my solution for now.
        A small 4hp module can switch power only for the bitbox.
        Works like a charm.


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          Here‘s the contraption in action:


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            How often are you swapping firmware? What impact does rebooting have on the rest of your rig? Tell us why this is so important to you.


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              Right now I‘m still exploring all three firmwares and like to switch every once in a while.
              When I‘m performing live I want to be able to switch while the rest of the patch keeps running. I might start of with something ambient where I‘d like to use the fxbox or synthbox and maybe later switch to bitbox for drums and such.


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                I do switch back and forth often because I like all of them and only have one series one at the moment (super ADHD).
                Honestly managing multiple SD cards, etc...then wanting to switch and finding what I did with my SD, or then having to go find another one and re-copy from the PC.
                I do firmware flashing and copying back and forth all day, so it's the little things in my case

                Additionally, I believe it would allow you to reconfigure the box for different uses on the fly while preventing from having to reset an entire system and interrupt settings and a performance.


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                  +1 for changing the firmware on the fly and for having them on the same card.

                  I think a swap function in the main menu would be the best, automaticaly rebooting the system and saving the last choice for the next starts.

                  I want to swap a lot but turning on and off modules doesn't sound a safe thing to me... ✌︎


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                    Imho the best solution would be to get one of each module. Perhaps some amicable upgrade path to multiple modules
                    could be established to make it more attractive for both 1010 and existing customers to own the entire collection.
                    There must be a reasonable discount that would be attractive to both sides.

                    Personally, I have a Bitbox and a Toolbox, honestly I am unlikely to buy any of the others at this point due to cost.
                    However, if there was a discount that got progressively better, I would consider it. Of course it depends on 1010's
                    profit margin, and whether it is pliable enough to adjust for some additional sales that might not happen otherwise.

                    Anyway, it's just economics, a mechanism that can be taken advantage of with some careful consideration.



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                      Oh well, was just an idea to earn some customer loyalty. Fortunately, you can still get them from vendors for a good discount during sales.
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