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Change firmware on the fly?

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    It seems to be difficult to implement with the series 1 hardware so I suggest simply adding the 4hp solution I posted above.
    Works like a charm, problem solved.


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      It‘s the p0wr module by


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        Originally posted by pekbro View Post
        Imho the best solution would be to get one of each module. Perhaps some amicable upgrade path to multiple modules
        could be established to make it more attractive for both 1010 and existing customers to own the entire collection.
        There must be a reasonable discount that would be attractive to both sides.

        Personally, I have a Bitbox and a Toolbox, honestly I am unlikely to buy any of the others at this point due to cost.
        However, if there was a discount that got progressively better, I would consider it. Of course moviebox pro apk it depends on 1010's
        profit margin, and whether it is pliable enough to adjust for some additional sales that might not happen otherwise.

        Anyway, it's just economics, a mechanism that can be taken advantage of with some careful consideration.

        Thanks for your explanation, i had some hadware issues, however, your experience is helpful. Thanks pekbro