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Machine randomly turns off and on. Now screen doesn’t work.

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  • Machine randomly turns off and on. Now screen doesn’t work.


    I have two bit box samplers, one is slightly older, bought January 2019 and definitely been gigged a lot more. Both are mkii.

    About a year after buying the sampler, I noticed that during a gig the machine shut down, and thus, turned my entire modular unit off with it. The machine quickly came back on with the rest of my gear and I finished the set. I took the unit out and checked it with no visible signs of damage. I changed the power to a different patch, and it seemed fine for a while, but would randomly turn off and on again.

    I have read on the forum that people put this down to a lack of power for the machine to draw. Both my machines are housed in doepfer 6u cases. They both provide sufficient power for my modules, though I only ever experience issues with the older machine which has been gigged frequently.

    I have attached photos of both modular cases. The machine in between maths and the make noise sequencer is the one which gives me issues.

    Any ideas? I want to send this to 1010 for a service, but if anyone has successfully resolved this issue, please let me know. [email protected] zz0.pesmpq9nkxjzz

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    I also meant to say that today the machine frequently turning on and off. I then began playing a sample, a kick drum, and noticed that while it was playing the machine’s screen went dark, yet it continued to play the sample. I did cv into another sample, and it also played it. I turned the machine on and off and now the screen does now work zz0.7w8bwu2x44vzz


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      Please contact us directly for this type of support. use the contact form on our website.

      The Mk2 wasn't for sale in January 2019. You likely have Mk1.