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Powering a Blackbox and Bluebox at the same time question

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  • yamakazi666
    If you really want to do it, it's a bit more complicated. You need a hub with some kind of isolator like a ADUM3160 /ADUM4160 or it will hum like hell.
    Isolator will prevent power and data noise to bleed from and to each other.

    Thoses isolator are cheap, but most of them don't lets you power a black box, so you need one with external power input and feed it with enough power, and that could be a lot of power, because fire two units at the same time will draw pic current at the same time. So maybe I will need a 3 or 4A power supply.

    I use something like that with my Black Box / Poly Hector / Blofeld / Volca / TX-6 / OXI One / Torso T-1 / Faderfox /iPad Mini setup.
    All in a suit case, and all powered from a single 8A brick.

    Works perfectly and dead quiet !

    If you need more info, feel free to ask !

    Also : Meow Wolf looks dope

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    Thank you. Will do.

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  • Aaron
    Please do not use this approach for two reasons:
    1) You can get ground hum when you combine devices like this
    2) The bluebox is fairly power hungry and needs a dedicated cable and dedicated power. Sharing them could result in crashing and unpredictable behavior

    We recommend separate power connections.

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  • Powering a Blackbox and Bluebox at the same time question


    Currently, I am using a Cioks power supply which has a USB outlet to flawlessly power my Blackbox. The Cioks only has one USB outlet. I have a Bluebox on the way and am wondering if I can use one of these type of splitters to power both the Blue and Blackbox at the same time. Will this type of splitter work? Thanks

    AKA astrofreq
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