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Forum feedback: "Link to wishlist topic when closed"

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  • Forum feedback: "Link to wishlist topic when closed"

    Forum feedback, please guide me in the right direction if this topic is posted in the wrong place.

    Would it be possible to have the wishlist topic linked to in the actual topic that is being closed?

    Usually there is a comment like "this topic already exists, please use the search function" from the moderator. But I usually have a hard time finding the topic that the moderator is supposedly refering too.
    I'm guessing perhaps it's nested into one of the many "multi wishlist topics" around, and usually the topic name does not mention anything in the title.

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    I wish I could say yes. And if it is something that has been discussed recently, I'm happy to oblige. I get it can take some time to search + find.


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      I second this request. I also wonder whether or not it is reasonable to close any wishlist topic which is neither recent nor popular, unless the link to it is provided.

      A good starting point for finding popular requests is a descending sort in the wishlist forum on either replies or likes. The number of views of a topic does unfortunately not seem to be available for filtering.


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        Unfortunately, this is not always reasonable for us. And to be fair - we only close topics that we know 100% exist. I understand the difficulty with searching because I also have to search in order to maintain the master wish lists. But if a feature is important to you - please spend that time searching. We are not going to dig through years of topics to link them together.