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long samples problem

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    long samples problem

    Hi there,

    I use long samples of performances. On all machines, bitbox, microbox and blackbox, the samples start to distort more and more until you can hear nothing from the sample anymore. The problem always occurs after around 8 to 10 minutes, gradually on blackbox, abrupt on microbox. You can still see the waveforms and in the computer (audacity) the samples are playing fine. All samples are stereo, wav, 41.1, 16bit. Has anyone made the same experiences? Or knows a trick how to avoid the problem?
    I would be very happy to get some answers. Thank you for your time,


    It may have to do with your sd card. What are you using, what are the specs? Also what are the specs of the long .wav files? Please also include the exact fw # for each device.


      AFAIK, the preferred sample format for Blackbox is 24/48 so 16/41 samples will be transcoded on the fly as they play.

      That plus the length may have something to do with the problem?

      I've completely avoided 16bit samples and try to avoid 24/44 samples when possible.


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        You should definitely convert the .wav files to 24/48 so that the CPU doesn't have to do any extra work and see if that helps.