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HOT recording from the Blackbox output into Apollo Twin X

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  • HOT recording from the Blackbox output into Apollo Twin X

    So I tried to record from the Blackbox for the first time into my Apollo Twin. I found the output to be so hot that it was clipping. I couldn't find anywhere on the thing to lower the master output which seems a bit weird to me.
    I think instead of tweaking sequence groups and and midi implementation let's address some of the fundamentals in future firmware updates please.
    It seems bizarre to me that there's no master output control or gain reduction or a limiter or something.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. This is a wish list item. It has also been wished for. Please search the wish list and +1 rather than starting a new topic.


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      Wish list? Wouldn't this be something implemented in the very first inception of the thing? It this something that could be fixed in a firmware update though?


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        Can't you just use the headphone's output as it has a dedicated volume control?


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          You can certainly use the Headphone level in TOOLS. There are many things that can be addressed in firmware. The blackbox output is +5v - eurorack level. This is significantly hotter than Line-level.


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            Ok great. Thank you!