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    Hi all,
    Don't have a xyzbox yet, but it's the first purchase I plan to make when I build my second modular case. I am giddy about the quick development and versatility of these modules!

    I think the modules could make far better use of the internal/midi clock. Would it be possible to modify firmware so that we could change one of the outputs to send clock pulses? Then the modules could be a master time keeper for the entire modular. Surely toolbox would have this type of feature?

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    Toolbox can send clock a few different ways: Using the 4x MIDI Outputs and by configuring a GATE sequencer. You can effectively make an analog clock by setting up a repeating sequence using the timing of your choice, typically one pulse per 16th note.

    As for the other boxes, we will take this suggestion under consideration.

    Thanks for your input.



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      I would also find it super handy if the clock in on my bitbox could have an option to serve as a clock out, possibly even with division settings. It would add to the flexibility of this awesome platform. Thanks!


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        bitBox can technically be a clock by using a pulse sample loop, and feeding that output back into the bitBox itself for internal clocking and the inherent problems that entails could be interesting