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What designs would you like to see for the series 2 line?

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  • What designs would you like to see for the series 2 line?

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd start a thread to brainstorm ideas for Series 2. Some firmwares that I thought of off the top of my head that could be possible:

    - 8 x Note Sequencers (+ extra midi seq's?)
    - 4 x Note Sequencers with 4 outputs each (MPE)
    - 8 x Gate Sequencers/8 x BAR/LFO (drum machine controller)
    - 16 x CV recorders (fxbox style with X/Y pads)

    Hopefully a 64 (or more) step gate sequencer along these lines can be implemented. With the note sequencers, having pages that can be scrolled across with a finger gesture would be much better, (more swiping, less zooming) plus we could have more steps, which would make it a more "musical" sequencer..

    Another very interesting possibility is that because it has 4 MIDI ports, there is potential to run 64 (or more) MIDI sequencers! This would also require a way to dial in velocity per note, screens for drawing in pitch bends and filter sweeps, assigning CC control and PGM changes, etc.

    There's so many awesome possibilities with this platform, with all of the different combinations of gate, note and bar sequencers, LFO's and CV recorders!

    What are your thoughts?
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    - 16 x CV recorders (fxbox style with X/Y pads) :

    great idea

    for this recorder would like to give some function descriptions:

    with external CV input to record from joysticks and other cv-sources,
    sequence length fixed or as recorded,
    stepped or slewed CV-playback,
    variable playback speed,
    save complete set as preset,
    morph between 2 presets via external cv,
    quantize VC-output to note scales,
    seperate mute for every CV-channel,
    record channel mutes into separate channel,
    fwd, rev, pendulum, and random motion through every cv-sequence,
    clock a cv-channel to external or internal clock,


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      Series 2 has 8 CV outs, and 8 Gate outs. These are hardwired, with the gates not able to push the full spectrum of voltage as the CV outs. There is a total of 6 CV inputs, so the recording suggestions above at best would only be a 6 CV recorder. You would also be limited on your sequencing configurations as well:
      8 CV out, 8 Gate out
      4 CV a & CV b
      2 CV a, b, & c

      But I would prefer instead of these being additional modules that this be just additional features, and pretty important ones, for the toolbox. The 6 cv ins could be used for real-time step recording.

      As for an actual different module, I would say something like a Maths or a Control Forge (however far more capable given the additional outs) would be one excellent way to take advantage of the hardware and create a new module.

      That being said, I think that the toolbox being improved should be the top priority before any additional expansion in the series.