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What designs would you like to see for the series 2 line?

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  • What designs would you like to see for the series 2 line?

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd start a thread to brainstorm ideas for Series 2. Some firmwares that I thought of off the top of my head that could be possible:

    - 8 x Note Sequencers (+ extra midi seq's?)
    - 4 x Note Sequencers with 4 outputs each (MPE)
    - 8 x Gate Sequencers/8 x BAR/LFO (drum machine controller)
    - 16 x CV recorders (fxbox style with X/Y pads)

    Hopefully a 64 (or more) step gate sequencer along these lines can be implemented. With the note sequencers, having pages that can be scrolled across with a finger gesture would be much better, (more swiping, less zooming) plus we could have more steps, which would make it a more "musical" sequencer..

    Another very interesting possibility is that because it has 4 MIDI ports, there is potential to run 64 (or more) MIDI sequencers! This would also require a way to dial in velocity per note, screens for drawing in pitch bends and filter sweeps, assigning CC control and PGM changes, etc.

    There's so many awesome possibilities with this platform, with all of the different combinations of gate, note and bar sequencers, LFO's and CV recorders!

    What are your thoughts?
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    - 16 x CV recorders (fxbox style with X/Y pads) :

    great idea

    for this recorder would like to give some function descriptions:

    with external CV input to record from joysticks and other cv-sources,
    sequence length fixed or as recorded,
    stepped or slewed CV-playback,
    variable playback speed,
    save complete set as preset,
    morph between 2 presets via external cv,
    quantize VC-output to note scales,
    seperate mute for every CV-channel,
    record channel mutes into separate channel,
    fwd, rev, pendulum, and random motion through every cv-sequence,
    clock a cv-channel to external or internal clock,


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      Series 2 has 8 CV outs, and 8 Gate outs. These are hardwired, with the gates not able to push the full spectrum of voltage as the CV outs. There is a total of 6 CV inputs, so the recording suggestions above at best would only be a 6 CV recorder. You would also be limited on your sequencing configurations as well:
      8 CV out, 8 Gate out
      4 CV a & CV b
      2 CV a, b, & c

      But I would prefer instead of these being additional modules that this be just additional features, and pretty important ones, for the toolbox. The 6 cv ins could be used for real-time step recording.

      As for an actual different module, I would say something like a Maths or a Control Forge (however far more capable given the additional outs) would be one excellent way to take advantage of the hardware and create a new module.

      That being said, I think that the toolbox being improved should be the top priority before any additional expansion in the series.



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        As long as the timing of any style of sequencer is not compromised by a greater quantity of functions. I would love to see a dedicated cv ADSR and LFO module that is triggered by gates.


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          I have a few things I've thought about.
          To start something small,
          It would be nice to have LFO's triggerable the way Cplay is. however i think cplay may have made this unnecessary
          I agree with a few of the comment's ive seen about dissociating the dedicated outs.
          I dont understand CC that well, but I imagine it as sort of midi's CV..
          I think it would be interesting, and I dont know if its possible, if the LFO's, seq's, and the new Cplay could be sent to the bit box and other midi devices (for me the korg minilogue) as cc messages. I think that would really help add to things. I imagine it as a modulation choice (midi CC channel 1-127..) that would be a lot to scroll through, but it would be interesting.
          One thing I really want to have for the toolbox especially is a corner clock with changeable counts. I have songs in 3/4 I cant recreate or have trouble understanding how to recreate that I think would be more easily done with this. When I try to have parts come in in a song, if they are sync'd to 1 bar they are technically in 4/4 time. This is a complicated one I think because I could imagine the 1 bar sync function getting messed up in the process.
          The biggest thing for me has to do with writing music using the toolbox. I get bored in the process of making things strictly through it, and its because I want to change things or set up a phrase, but I cant. This is partially my brains own limitations, but I have a few things that I think could help to change this
          1. simply, modulation control over just about every parameter possible. For example, the LFO's wave form type, even things like midi port, channel and clock source. Maybe its a bit much, but im curious to see what I can do
          2. I would like there to be ways of articulating notes. I think it would be interesting to have a way of changing certain things about specific notes. I've mentioned before semi jokingly trills and mordents, but actually I think if you had a note play itself, the note above or below, and then go back (say for example C-Bflat-C) instead of playing just C as its placed on any of the 64 available steps, that alone makes 64 steps way more than what 64 steps are.
          I imagine a sub menu for individual notes, very much in the style of the individual cell's when you hit the info button say on a gate channel and it offers you step length, step count, etc. In this individual note menu, what could show up as options is maybe:
          -swing(or like what the malekko varigate calls "delay"),
          -An option for dynamics,
          -Maybe diatonic and chromatic harmonies to make octaves and thirds,
          -And maybe a "special articulation" where you can have the individual note trill (im serious, it would be awesome), mordent (hit the note above or below and then come back at twice the steplenths speed, grace note play a note above or below before the beat.
          Now imagine you can modulate those different parameters via ext, LFO, seq, midicc, cplay... yes very time consuming. I think it would be worth it. imagine setting up modulation over all sorts of parameters like that, then pressing a button and seeing wildly different weird changes. Thats my kind of thing for sure.
          3. simpler than the last one, direction of the sequence. forward backward, stagger, random. Just more stuff to help free things up.
          4. A modulation type: Change on corner clock's beat (N). sometimes in music phrases, something might be just about the same as a loop, but might change ever so slightly, on say beat 4. In this modulation type you can set say every 3rd bar out of 4, change the parameters "this much" on clock cycle ( .. :4 ) There might be room for probability parameter here. make it so that there is a 70% chance that the modulation of your choice changes however much clock counts.. 1, or 3, or maybe 1 and 3, etc.
          5. and last but most important to me, a way to chain patterns. I would really love to have with in each cell, a few note canvas's. Say you start it up, touch your piano note lane, and in its submenu is an option for pattern selection. Say A through D and then maybe put mute there. You might type notes into pattern A, then if you switch to B, you'll have a blank slate to type notes into on the same cell, if you then type notes into pattern B, and switch back to A your original notes will be back. Then you can switch between A, B via ext, LFO etc.. and have a moving theme in your song.
          Also I like this better than chaining presets together. because I think it will help keep songs all in one realm. Its kind of like The arturia BSP's pattern select vs its project select.
          One last thing is that the midi in to the device could be unbelievably useful. I dream of a midi controller I could plug in and hit buttons or twist knobs and edit the modulation inputs of my choice via midiCC.
          I think this sequencer is the best one out there. It really has potential, and I can see so much functionality in it. Originally I wanted it to replace my computer but actually, I think Its better as an instrument itself. I can have the computer be the computer and in fact i've controlled the bitbox via the computer and it does a computery job the just fine. I think as an instrument instead it will be able to do things the computer can't imagine.

          What I want most out of this thing is control of everything thing.
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            side note: something else that i know is impossible at this point but wish there was, is more external ins...


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              The most epic cv to midi sequencer/modulation translator in all of hardware. Including sysex modulation output!


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                I don't know how the sysex part would work, but I would buy another series 2 if I could have an 8 channel cv/gate <-> MIDI converter.
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              I think a touchscreen controller would be awesome, something akin to the Intellijel Tetrapad. An Animoog-esque type of keyboard would be awesome, plus if you split the screen into zones, there's a ton you could do to control multiple sound sources. I can see it being used with one hand on the screen and the other turning the knobs to control a user-defined parameter. One cool application would be to use all those gates to give you a little digital controller over a modular drum set.


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                Originally posted by 2disbetter View Post
                Series 2 has 8 CV outs, and 8 Gate outs. These are hardwired, with the gates not able to push the full spectrum of voltage as the CV outs. There is a total of 6 CV inputs, so the recording suggestions above at best would only be a 6 CV recorder.
                Or at least a 3 input gate/cv to midi adapter.

                Which when you consider to do the same I'd need 3 of these
       @ 200ish (US) a pop or
                2 of these at 150 a pop (US)
                It's not that bad...

                (yeah the Doepher is cheaper for 4 midi channels... but I already have the toolbox. )