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Slice selection on firmare 2.0?

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  • Slice selection on firmare 2.0?

    I used to use this feature heavily on the previous firmware,use to slice long samples and then selecting them from a random source clock on the 5th row of the cells( now EXT1 EXT2 etc,) i can't seem to understand how to do it on this new firmware, or has it gone?
    can someone kindly help me with this? i tried looking it up on the Manual but could not really understand if i can only do it via midi or cv

    Thank you!

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    This is still possible, however the method is quite different:

    1) Touch the cell you want to edit and then press Info a few times until you reach the "Slice" parameter.
    2) Touch one of the little black boxes underneath the "Slice" parameter.
    3) On the next screen, choose EXT1 (or whatever) as the modulation source.

    [UPDATE: It looks like Dan beat me to it.]


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      Awesome! Thank you!!


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        I was gonna say this must be the same as just choosing Trigger and then Random (as "slice seq"). But actually this mode is what i have been looking for since it does seem to give the individual slices a decay time (and a polyphony) so that samples no longer are just cut off (which you want to avoid since it sounds very unnatural) when a new trigger arrives. Cool


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          Originally posted by minosan View Post
          Awesome! filezilla uc browser rufus Thank you!!
          the Manual but could not really understand if i can only do it via midi or cv
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            MIDI and CV are both valid ways to choose slices.


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              Hi, I might have encountered a small bug that I'd like to report here: If you select EXT1-8 as mod source for slice and 1V/Oct ON, bitbox maps a 1-5V CV input range to the slices ABSOLUTELY, in steps of 1/12V = 0.08333V. So you'd need 5 octaves to map 60 slices, right, but my bitbox only reacts to 1-5V range, not 0-5V range when 1V/Oct is ON. Maybe a small bug? With 1V/Oct OFF the effective input range is 0-5V as expected. Or is it the normal behavior that only 4 octaves are mapped, starting with 1V minimum?
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