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Excl X function ?

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  • Excl X function ?

    Sorry about this i'm a bit confused with this function ....
    It says in the manual >>>>>
    To Assign a Cell to an Exclusive Playback Group: At the top of the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release parameters page, the menu option to the right of the grid icon allows you to control exclusive grouping of cells.
    1. Touch the Excl button to display the Exclusive Group options.
    2. Touch an option to select it. When Excl X is selected, there will not be an exclusive behavior for this cell. When a cell is assigned to Exclusive Group A, B, C or D, any other cell in this group will stop whenever a cell in the group is triggered.

    How do you trigger these Excl A/B/C/D groups ? it mentions about assigning but not triggering , is this a midi function only ?


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    This function is basically a choke group. Once you put 2 or more pads in the same group, only one is allowed to play at the same time.

    There are two common examples here:
    1) An open high hat and closed high hat sound. You typically only want to hear one at a time to sound like a real drum kit
    2) Two or more versions of the same part, like a bass part, that you want to take over for each other.

    When you trigger one pad in the same group, via MIDI, touch screen, etc. Other pads in the same group are stopped automatically.


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      Ahhhh Thank you Aaron that makes perfect sense now . . Loving 3.01 . Cheers


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        Aaron just wanted to ask about choke groups, is it not possible to trigger multiple cells at once that are in a group, similar to ableton lives scene launch? thanks!