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Seven trigger limit?

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  • Seven trigger limit?

    Using bitbox mk1 with eloquencer for drumming duties and just noticed that when I have more than seven triggers going into bitbox the unit becomes very unhappy and starts glitching.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Which firmware are you using? Assuming you are on 3.0.4, you might check the specs of your microSD card. I am able to trigger 8 pads with all 16th notes, at 250 bpm with no issues at all. Beyond that, make sure the bitbox is receiving adequate power.


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      Hey Steve!
      Thank you for your response. Seems I'm running 2.9b and using a 128GB san disk ultra. The module is receiving adequate power so I'm wondering if the sd card is the issue.
      I'm triggering individual drum hits, nothing too crazy. Would love to be able to build 16 pad drum kits!


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        Here is another thing to check: Try using mono(phonic) mode for each pad and a short release time. 7 triggers should not be a problem. But, it you are stacking multiple hits together it might be.


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          I nipped out to the wallgreens to grab a different sd card and it tuns out that the san disk ultra was indeed the culprit .
          I grabbed a san disk extreme and I now have absolutely zero issues whatsoever triggering 12 (and counting) monophonic pads a a time.
          Thank you both so much for responding to me.
          I guess it's time to get a metron!


          • Steve
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            you should back up the ultra and reformat. That can help.