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Multisampling on MK1

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  • Multisampling on MK1

    I have the Bitbox MK1 and noticed that the Micro can automatically Multisample from an Oscillator see below:

    Does the MK1 have the same ability to do this or am I still having to do the tedious work of multisampling in Ableton note for note then exporting it out to MicroSD? Another Issue I have is I don't have a module yet that links my hardware synth to Ableton and have been looking at the ES-9 but so pricey and think I could spend the money elsewhere in my rack. If MK1 is able to multisample directly then this frees up funds for other stuff.

    Any multisampling suggestions with MK1 are welcome, please.

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    Multisample recording is not available for the MK1. There are various software tools that do this well. MainStage is inexpensive and features the (formerly Redmatica) AutoSampler as a VST. It works well. Logic has a new multisample feature to replace the EXS. In my experience, this is a great tool for playing them but not so much making them work well with our machines. SampleRobot is my choice. You can multisample with all necessary wav tags in place to work with 1010 modules, create looping Clips, slicers, etc.


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      I thought it too good to be true. Is there a possible insertion in a future update or is it not possible. I want to try the Sample Robot but I am still left with having to route the Hardware through ES-9 or an alternative if anyone has a better way to sync up to the software that would be great info.

      Really cool multisample feature on the mini though. Wish I knew before I got the MK1 and had Mini option.


      • Steve
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        If you use Sample Robot you only really need a decent audio interface with a MIDI out. the ES-9 looks great though. I have some suggestions for MIDI interfaces if needed.

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      Hi Steve

      would love your suggestions. I am currently using an MAudio for audio and Guitar interface it has no MIDI so I am due for the upgrade.



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        There are SOOOOOOO many.

        If I were looking for something simple I would consider the MOTU M2. 2 in 2 out, MIDI in/out, USB, headphones. It is $169 USD.