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Help! :) Timestreched pitch shifted vocals like Burial Archangel

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  • Help! :) Timestreched pitch shifted vocals like Burial Archangel

    I am new to the bitbox, and was wondering if one can use it to pitch samples up while maintaining or manipulating speed.
    I want to pitch up vocals like Burial, but am not sure the bitbox can do this ...
    Can someone shed a light on this ?

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    I don't have the MK1 Bitbox, but on the MK2 version there is beat/slice based time stretching that is linked to the clock tempo only in "Clip Mode", so you can not manipulate the speed freely, but you could change the clock tempo, resample it then go back to your original tempo. How it works is you pick a "Sync" setting, which has options for "1 bar, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and slice (user defined in "Slicer Mode")".

    You then input the "Length" of the source clip in beats (Setting this purposefully incorrectly makes the slices slices/loop play through itself and loop faster/slower/out of time, which you may be able to utilize), So when that clip is playing, what the time stretch algorithm is doing is playing the the back the the slices set by the "Sync" in time with the clock signal according to the "Length" setting of the clip. and repeating the slice if it ends before the next sync beat is due or jumping to the next one.

    This means that if you slow down a sample, keeping the pitch the same, you getting rhythmic even repeating artifacts to fill up space until the next synced beat hits. This can actually produce pretty interesting and musical effects, which can be altered using the "Sync" and "Length" settings. If you speed the sample up, the slices are pushed closer together so the end of each slice is cut off when the next interval triggers. So speeding up a sample produces a smoother result. Though not perfect for something like spoken word, It's totally good for sustained vocals though.

    TLDR: If you are familiar with Ableton, it is equivalent the time stretch mode "Beats".