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Bitbox midi does not work!

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  • Bitbox midi does not work!

    Hi there.

    I have a problem with my bitbox.
    At first i used it to trigger my samples with it.
    But because i bought an akai force i dont use the bitbox version.
    I already noticed that midi in didn't work either.
    I then thought I had something wrong with midi settings.
    Do i did not look further at that time because I Wanted to use the trigger inputs anyway.

    But because i bought the akai force i Did not needed the bitbox version anymore.
    So i installed the synthbox software.

    And now here is the problem:

    the is no signal comming in the module.
    the weird part is that a friend of my Did the same thing.
    he installed the synthbox aswell.
    the akai force works great on his bitbox via midi.

    mine does not work!!!
    the same settings....

    I tried the hidden midi check menu.
    and there is no midi signal comming thru.
    So i tried it on the bitbox on my friends one, and i can see the Numbers changing when i press a key.

    So how to resolve this?
    I think there is something wrong internaly...

    please help!!!


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    Sorry to hear this. If you checked the internal MIDI test screen and still don't see anything, check your connections. The TRS connection we use and Akai is different. You will need a crossover cable or an Akai adapter to 5-pin DIN to a regular MIDI cable to one of our adapters.

    Please let us know if this does not help.

    Thank you


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      Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for response.

      But i tried that...

      A friend of my got a bitbox too, as i sayd earlyer.
      And his bitbox (synthbox software) works fine via midi with the Akai Force.

      So there is nothing wrong with cables or adapters.

      I also tried to connect it via a midi interface, but still nothing.

      And the module is up to date too...


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        It sounds like there might be a hardware problem. Please contact your retailer or email us directly through the Contact Us form on our website.


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          Ok, thanks.

          I've already sent them an email.
          I hope for a positive solution...


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            Here is a general comment for anyone facing this issue. Please check your wiring. Our adapters are black and white and have 1010music printed on them. We have not seen any hardware with a bad MIDI input. Every time this has come up it was a cabling or configuration problem.