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BitBox Midi In not working

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  • BitBox Midi In not working

    Hello there,

    just wanted to use my Bitbox with the Midi-In and cant seem to make it work. Made my own cable with the help of the "stereo-minijacks-midi-connections-compatibility-guide" and tested for continuity down to the PINS of the MIDI-IN jack (J_MIDI). The GND of the jack doesnt seem to be connected to 0V which seems intended. Any further tips on what to look for hardware-wise? I saw that there where more people with issues. Checked the Inputs also in the MIDI-testmode and double checked with other devices that recived the same clock as Bitbox should have so i think it must be a hardware-issue. Thanks in advance!
    BR, Alex

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    Did you make sure the jack has tip ring and sleeve (TSR) connection, not just TS connection? Bitbox is currently shipping with a MIDI adapter in the box. Do you have an older module?