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Bitbox firmware 1.3.0

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  • Bitbox firmware 1.3.0

    I'm curious (and I'm sure others are as well) as to what's new in the 1.3.0 version of the Bitbox firmware. Thanks -t

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    Thanks for asking.

    Here are the new features compared to Bitbox 1.2:
    1) Previewing of samples from the load screen
    2) Modulation of gain
    3) Modulation of multiple samples at once. You can now modulate a row, column, or the entire grid at once. Be sure to go to the end of the list of destinations to see the multiple options.
    4) A play button on the record screen that allows you to stop recording and begin looped playback of your recording in time with the music.
    5) Output routing to the Out 1 and Out 2 separately so that you now can use 4 mono outputs.

    There are also a number of bug fixes:
    1) Improved timing from gate inputs
    2) Slice selection now uses the entire -5V to 5V input range with 1V/Octave semitones mapping to each slice.
    3) Export to Ableton now supports WAV files in subdirectories.


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      wow! these are some great new features. One to many modulation checks a box on my wish list. Keep up the great work


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        Would be great to be able to choose the cue out port. It doesnt make much sense prelistening to samples on the same channel the bitbox is playing on


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          When is the new firmware expected to be released?


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            When is the new firmware expected to be released?
            We are always gathering ideas for a future build of our products, but we don't have a timeline for new bitbox firmware right now. The forum members will be the first to hear about it when we do.