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Desktop BitBox Configuration Editor - UNOFFICIAL

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  • Desktop BitBox Configuration Editor - UNOFFICIAL

    I thought there might be some interest in this video I put together. I have worked on this editor for the last two weekends. As a developer I like to work on projects other than my primary job just to keep my skills fresh in other areas. This is my latest side project based on hybrid app concepts. This is early stages and a completely un-official editor intended for high level management of Patch and Clip content. This version would run on Macs only but all the logic for editing the configurations is in HTML5/jQuery and embedded in a web view in the app. There is very little Mac only code in this app. The intent of that is to allow the creation of a Windows container to get this stood up on Windows with little effort. If there are any Windows developers that want to team up with me on this let me know. I can do Windows dev but would rather not . I created the container app this weekend in a few hours and the functional HTML5/jQuery last weekend so a good .Net dev could probably create the Windows hybrid container in a day of effort.

    Also... I did communicate this stuff to Aaron prior to posting in here and he suggested sharing it was ok so this is not a rogue post...

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    Awesome! I wish I had time or I'd tinker with trying to do a PC version.


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      Thanks for putting this together. We appreciate the support. It is wonderful to see the use of XML as the file format paying off. Keep up the good work.


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        This is great! I can't wait to see how it turns out.


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          awesome hope for a Win version