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How does quality of SD card effect latency?

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  • How does quality of SD card effect latency?

    I was going through my SD Cards for use with Bit Box and the specs on some of these vary quite a lot.

    Does the speed of the card effect latency... even 1m/s can make quite the difference for percussion feel, or are we caching the initial sample sampler headers in the 64mb on board RAM?

    Cheers guys

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    There is lots of caching going on. I have yet to see an example of where the specs of the microSD card made a difference.


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      It sounds like it is running very tight indeed (Have tried quite a few cards), I had a good session at a studio today and managed to make my half of my friend's modules obsolete with just the BitBox and Beatstep Pro.

      Even had 3 x LFO's running out of the BitBox (I've uploaded the LFO CV's to the Presets part of the forum)

      Looks like you might have made another sale after the reaction tonight