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bug with midi assignment

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  • bug with midi assignment

    When I change the midi channel in cell settings it's continue to receive the default midi channel.
    anyway, option for "none" or "off" in cell midi settings for trigger only with the analog inputs will be great.

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    As of version 2.1.1 there are two important MIDI settings:
    1) A global setting that determines which channel will play all 20 pads. The default is channel 10
    2) A per cell setting that determines how the cell responds to incoming MIDI. Each cell has a channel selection. The default is disabled.

    Let me know if this does not address your concern.


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      Ok, got you
      According to my logic, when changing MIDI channel to a cell, the cell should ignore from the default (global) MIDI channel.
      I'm trying to disable MIDI for some cells because i want to use the analog outputs of my BSP to trigger some other modules (but still want to trigger those cells with analog signals).
      I can do it with BSP settings but it's not the optimal solution because this setting in BSP is global and can't be save with the projects.
      the cells settings in BitBox can change when I change preset.