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Are EXT input only bipolar ?

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  • Are EXT input only bipolar ?

    I'm trying to crossfade between 2 cells (loaded with synced loops) :

    1rst cell, i've setup the level to be controlled by EXT 4 at -100%
    2nd cell, i've setup the level to be controlled by EXT 4 at +100%
    Then i plugged a fader that goes from 0 to 5v into EXT 4 input.

    So far so good, but, EXT cells seems to be bipolar : when you look at the cell, 0v is at the center, not as i wish.

    Will you add the possibility to choose between unipolar/bipolar per EXT cell in a futur update ?

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    That should work. Make sure that Cell 2 has a starting volume of -96dB or it won't come in like you want.


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      Well, it works, but not at full range, cause 0v is at the center of the blue line (bipolar) and not at the far left (as it should be with unipolar ?)


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        Are you saying it behaves the way you want, but you want to see the little blue line span the entire range and not just half?


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          Well, not really, i wish i had more "range" : from center to the right, you use only 50% of your (i use a fader) course. If 0v is at center, i assume EXT cells are waiting for negative CV to go left, but if you use a unipolar signal (like a fader), you will never go to negative values > the left part, then you loose precious millimeters. That's why you should add a choice between unipolar and bipolar CV source for EXT input.


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            Man this just gave me so many ideas .


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              i think OP means if it would be possible to use inputs in range 0-10v

              is the input-range limited by soft- or hardware?


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                +1 to be able to set ext to unipolar and range. im not using a fader but 0-5v cv sequencer. is there a way to set up the ext cv in to get the full range from 0 to 5v? afaik 0 sets the modulation to 0/middle but in order to use cv to move mod value/cursor to far left (first slice for example) it needs to get negative volts?


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                  Try assigning the EXT controllers 2 or 3 times in the modulation slots. This has a cumulative effect and then you can use 0-5V to control the full range of parameters. I do this with my Faderbank 16n and it works a treat!
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