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Sort of had enough with all the high pitched noises

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    DeKaro, try powering Beatstep pro form a walwart power supply (you probably are already) but just in case. My noise was coming from a ground loop when connecting Beatstep Pro to USB port on pc


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      We designed the bitbox to work great with the BeatStep Pro via MIDI. A single TRS cable will give you all 16 pads and clock in a single connection and you will avoid the noise problem.


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        Midi is sloppy, it's handy but a bit sloppy for me. The CV timing is spot on with the Bitbox. I'm just a bit sensitive to timing, 99% of people can't hear it but it bugs the bejeezus out of me. Don't get me started on interpolation aliasing artifacts he he :P


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          Originally posted by Sam Spacey View Post
          Solution may be to the noise issues!

          Ok, I have ran some tests with the Bitbox and the high pitch whining sound that was becoming annoying from a sound to noise ratio perspective.

          Running the 8 trigger outs from my Beatstep Pro the noise is there and not quiet either.

          Switching to just the midi out from the Beatstep pro, same level of noise.

          Attenuating the gate output from Beatstep Pro via a modular VCA made no change

          Running a trigger from the Intellijel Metropolis sequencer only....complete silence.

          This is starting to sound like USB feedback noise
          Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate .......

          Change the power supply from PC USB on Beatstep Pro to a standard USB charger and.......

          No noise, none at all!! If you are getting a high pitched whine, chances are you have a ground loop thing going on somewhere. The noise was really getting me down as I did not want to move to midi to trigger samples
          i think he not need to change the power supply from PC USB on Beatstep Pro to a standard USB charger
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            Hey guys - first post here. If you're getting noise with the Beatstep Pro via CV/Midi it is actually a known fault with the Beatstep Pro. Arturia includes a USB splitter with the BSP - it isolates power from your PC so you can connect to your DAW and use a wall-adapter for power. This eliminates all the hum I've experienced with both the Bitbox and BSP in general.

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              Bubinga, thanks for sharing that! It’s good to know the solution for this frustrating problem.