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Equal Slices?

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  • Equal Slices?

    Is it possible with the current version to chop the samples into equal length seqments for playback rather than using scan or doing it manually? I think this was mentioned somewhere but having a hard time figuring it out. Thanks!

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    I"m not aware of any way to adjust slices other than scan or manually inserting. We can keep this idea in mind for the future.


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      Thank you this is a petty standard function for slicing samples across many old and new samplers, should be fairly easy to implement I think as well, just allow for a subdivision of at least 8/16 but anything from 2/64 im sure could be helpful. for some devices people will create single sample chains which might contain 64 different sounds and cycle through them with slices for example. even more helpful for chopping beats !


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        I use equal slice cutting in soundforge and it is really handy. At the very least we need a horizontal line that we can adjust for the sensitivity threshold of the slicing algo.... a bit like how Cubase does it for slices.

        In the day of DAW's that are 100% sample accurate having equal slices would certainly speed up beat slicing for those beats that have already been timed up and exported via DAW of choice.


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          This would be a great addition