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clips and sync

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  • clips and sync

    Hi all:

    I am having some problems with sync with clips. I have some questions, but first, I'm clocking the BitBox with a positive square LFO set to 1/16 on the ToolBox. The clip in question has its sync set to 1/16. When I watch the measure/beat counter on both the Bitbox and the Toolbox, they are both in sync.

    The problem is with clips. Often they play too fast. I can't figure out what is going on. I have verified the Toolbox is sending 1/16 clock at 5v to the Bitbox.

    How does the BitBox work with clips? Can I put cue points or anything to help? The clip I want to play is actually a few minutes long. Is this impossible? What if I break it up into 8 bar loops?

    Running latest firmware downloaded yesterday.

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