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    Well, got the panel back from Front Panel Express. They did a fine job. The fit is perfect. About $59 total. I can totally recommend both JoeFuture's design and FPE. Mine just updates a few graphics to match bitbox a little closer. ("bitbox^2; "101MUSIC"; "SD").


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      WE GOT IT WRONG!! Now that I have installed my custom front INVERTED panel, I really like it, except for one feature. Having not used the bitbox before ordering the panel, I was unaware that when inverted, the bitbox switches the orientation of, not just the screen, but the controllers as well. BUT, it keeps the "HOME" button always assigned to the left and the "INFO" button always to the right. So, our communal panel design ends up putting the home on the right and info on the left. THIS IS BACKWARDS. I am submitting a revised file to correct the button labels to read correctly when inverted. "HOME" on the left and "INFO" on the right when inverted. Yes, it is different than the manual's illustrations, but will be correct if you invert the module.
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        Oh wow.... thanks dbdotdot