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BitBox outputting very high pitched noise with no cables attached -

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  • BitBox outputting very high pitched noise with no cables attached -

    I bought my BitBox from Juno on 5 Feb 2018 and overall I love it, it is a fantastic module. It is part of my small 104hp system in a makenoise powered skiff.

    I have been aware of the cv/ noise / gate issue (as documented in another post) for a while. Not really happy, I have just been putting up with it.
    But recently I was talking to my 20year old son and my system was powered up , there were no cables at all patched in to any of the modules.
    He said "whats that high pitched noise ?" I couldn't hear anything , I'm 54.
    He said its coming from that, pointing at the Bitbox and he leaned in closer and confirmed it was the module. He was adamant it was quite loud and piercing (for him) and coming from the module itself and not the monitor speakers , and that after ten minutes or so he said he had a headache.

    Is there anything that can be done about this issue ? and the cv gate noise issue ?
    I think this is a fantastic piece of kit and really enjoy using it , but i didn't realise it was outputting very high pitched noise , that I was blissfully unaware of and that only young people can hear.

    The serial number is 0010002007 and date on the PCB is 10/3/2017
    I am running firmware 2.0.1

    Thank you

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    Please go to settings and check your screen brightness. Make sure it is set to 100%. Some users have reported this issue when dimming the screen.


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      Yes I have tried adjusting the screen brightness. It has no effect on the noise when one of the channel cv inputs is sent a gate, this is a noise I can actually hear and comes through the speakers along with the output sound, although it doesn't cause headaches it is annoying because it bleeds through into the sounds of the patch and onto any recording you make.

      Also adjusting the screen brightness does not affect the other issue with the module, outputting a very high pitched piercing noise which seems to be audible to younger ears. This is emitted from the module itself not through the speakers and it seems to do this when it is powered and with no cables attached to it.

      Do current versions of these modules have these issues ? or have they been fixed.
      Thank you


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        Please keep in mind that there are two unrelated issues regarding high pitched noise:

        The first has to do with higher voltage (10V) gate signals bleeding through to the audio outputs on hardware built in 2016 and early 2017. That issue is detailed here.

        The second issue you originally described is not related to the audio output and is completely different. It is a high pitched sound coming from the module itself.

        Please do me a favor: Install version 1.3.6 of the bitbox firmware and ask your son if the high pitched sound goes away. If it does, I will be happy to build a new version of the software to try and make this noise go completely away.

        Thank you very much.


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          Dear all,

          We have concluded that the screen brightness control is the source of the problems here. We have removed it in version 2.1.3 and have reports that it fixes the problem. Please let us know if not.

          Thanks for your help