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Record function not playing back through the correct output

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  • Record function not playing back through the correct output

    If I record something its not playing back through the correct output. It keeps defaulting to playback through Out 1/2. I need it to play back through just out1. Not sure why it is defaulting to 1/2 everytime. All of the cells in track one were previously set to play through out1, I can't figure out why it keeps getting screwed up and just deciding to playback through Out 1/2. Please help. Thanks .
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    I need this too.


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      Anyone know how to sort this properly?


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        Monix, this is obviously very important to you. As you already know, the default output configuration is Out 1/2. I understand that you would like each cell to remember the configuration when reloading and recording. Is that right? If so, we will add it to our request list and review it for the next update.

        Thank you for your support.


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          Yes very important to me. I would like to ethier be able to set the default of the output for all recordings or be able to choose per cell the default output that is remembered. Currently without this option I am forced into my reording coming out through 2 of the outputs. This makes it difficult for me to use it in a live situation. Imagine you want to record something and you have the input set to inquire and you are using the monitor function so you can hear it live, you hit rec, and now your loop is playing out of out1/2, when you were already using out2 for something else. It becomes a bit of a mess. I want to just have it coming out of one specified out put. I don't even care if you pick the single output that it comes out of as default, I just want it to use one output and not 2 of them at the same time. Hopefully that makes sense Aaron. Thank you! As of right now I have just taken it as a loss and I have unplugged out2 and I am not using it for anything but I would really love to get it back into the mix here.