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Bitbox still miss a lot of fundamental functions

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  • Bitbox still miss a lot of fundamental functions

    It's sad to see this module not evolving as fast as it could, Releasing 3 firmware at the same time was maybe not the best idea, none of them are finish.

    Before adding new functions you should consider consolidate what is already there :

    Right now there is no easy way to use one trigger on another cell, i don't know why in a digital module. For each source you should be able to choose trigger 1, trigger 2, trigger 3, and any MIDI CC without using a multiple.

    Compressor is always on, and it's anoying because it make the sound bad. You should add a way to turn it off.

    When you load a sample, you don't know if the sound is stereo or not, waveform is always "mono"

    About the waveform, having a tactil screen is great but we can do nothing with it, scrolling into the waveform is useless as we can't choose with a finger where to put the playhead, neither cut/copy/paste

    There is no fast mode for pot, and you can't use tactil screen to help, which make working with long field recording very annoying

    When a cell is monitoring Input 1/2, monitoring is still mono. Why ? We should be able to work with left/right independantly.

    Having only one loop per cell is very oldschool, granular is in everymind those days, it should be there from the beginning of each sampler design. But ok, if the processor is not strong enough, keep one loop but make it easier to work with, add a "move loop" parameter to move start point + end point at the same time.

    In sample mode, "release" is not CVable

    Bitbox have a lot of potential but it rely on firmware, right now it look like a not finished product.

    I hope you will find time to fix this and get out of this forever update vortex. Good luck !

    (By the way, when you monitor a sample before loading it in a cell, pitch is 1.60 sem away from the real pitch of the sound. Bug ?)
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    Thank you for your passionate email. After working in the software industry for many years, I can say the following with confidence:

    Software is never truly done.

    There is always something missing.

    As much as I would like to believe that we could implement one last set of features and call it finished, I don't see how that is really possible. We just did a review of all of the open wishlist items for bitbox. There were more than 100 items to consider and prioritize. We appreciate all these ideas. We are listening to what you have to say. There are so many things we could be doing. The real challenge is balancing the work between new products and new revenue streams and keeping existing products up to date with free updates.

    Regarding your specific points, these are all good ideas. In particular, I agree that manipulating long waveforms is currently annoying. Monitoring also needs work and that is a big job we have in the queue.

    Thank you again for your post and your support. We look forward to making our products better and better.