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Restriction using FX out?

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  • Restriction using FX out?

    Hello all

    Using last night my Bitbox, i've xperimented some kind of limitation. Originally, i've intented to drive differents cells through differents destinations. Main out Left and right on my desk mixer, and FX out 1 and 2 to two different destinations. fx out 2 was sending a sample (own library sample) to a vca and this worked as expected. Fx out 1 was sending a self recorded bitbox guitar part to a Erica Blackhole. But this one turned to send nothing at all. I've "troubleshout" connections, triple checked if out destination was well chosen... it appears that nothing was sent from the bitbox through this fx out with this particular sample. Is there a reason for this? some kind of limitation due to the fact that the sample was mono recorded on specific input (don't remember wich one... )

    thanks for any support!

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    Please check the file. You might have trouble if you have a stereo file with only audio in one side. What you describe should work.


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      so i've checked the file and this what you described, a plain stereo file with blank left voice... so i guess that prior to recording i did not chose the right option (mono recording)...
      my bad... sorry for disturbance