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Sampling/Looping using a footpedal video?

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  • Sampling/Looping using a footpedal video?

    Just wondering if anyone had a video of themselves using a foot pedal with BitBox for acoustic instrument sampling/looping?
    According to this older forum post CV/Gate triggering is now implemented, but I can't find any videos demonstrating this feature?

    I didn't realise that it had been implemented, up to this point it was the one crucial missing feature that was stopping me from buying Bb.
    Would love to be able to instantly record violin loops and integrate them with the modular!

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    I'm sorry to say we don't have a video demonstrating the gate to record feature. I do recommend that you check out our manual. We do work hard to keep that up to date.

    Thanks for your support.


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      Hi Aaron,
      ​​​​​​No worries about the video, was just curious and figured this was the best place to ask.

      ​Incidentally, I downloaded and read the manual from the official Bitbox support docs link, and couldn't actually find any mention of the gate/cv function. I would have thought it would be under "recording a new wav file"?
      It's dated 5/2/18, is there a more recent version of the manual available?



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        Hi Staggersaur,
        I'm a bit behind in updating the manual. I'm working on it now. Here's a draft excerpt about using the CV to trigger recording.

        It can be awkward to initiate recording a sample while also trying to create the sound to be recorded. Therefore, it is possible to use an external CV signal, for example from a foot pedal, to initiate recording. Here’s how:
        1. Press HOME to get to the Main screen if needed.
        2. Touch any of the EXT cells on the right hand side and then press Info to display the parameters screen .
        3. Use the control knob to change the value of the Mod parameter to Record.

        4. Connect an external CV input to the TS mini jack port corresponding to the EXT cell selected above. The device should provide a gate signal of +5v when triggered .
        5. Prepare to record a sample as you normally would. Use the device connected to the EXT port to send a start signal to the bitbox and the device will start recording.
        6. Use the device connected to the EXT port to send another signal to the bitbox to stop recording.


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          Thanks Christine!