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  • Slice to Grid?

    Hello all

    I was under the understanding that slice to grid function was now available but I can't seem to find it in the documentation or on the module.

    By slide to grid I mean it can take a sample and slice it into 4/8/16 evenly sized pieces which can be played back randomly or via CV etc?

    Am I missing something here?

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    I've been working on the manual. Here's the excerpt about slice to grid:

    To use Slice to Grid:
    1. From the Waveform screen for the Slicer cell, touch the menu item with the three dots “. . .”. This will display the Waveform Slicing menu.
    2. Touch Grid and then use a control knob to select the number of Slices to create. Touch OK when you are ready to scan. (You can touch anyplace outside of the Slices field to cancel the scan.) Bitbox will automatically divide up the WAV file evenly into the number of slices you specified. The slice points are shown as pink horizontal lines with a small pink square near the bottom.


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      Ok thanks. I’ll check it out shortly. This function is everything for me. So glad you’ve put it in x


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        Hmmm I have no grid option? I’m on version 2.1.3


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          Oknupdated to newest and there it is


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            I'm glad you found it.