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This really needs to be addressed to consider tis thing a sampler.

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  • This really needs to be addressed to consider tis thing a sampler.

    Not being able to choose an output for something that gets recorded in just doesn't make any sense to me, maybe I am missing something. The bitbox automatically makes the decision for you to output in OUT1&2, even though when recording I am recording mono into IN1. So when the bitbox defaults to OUT1&2 the sound of what was recorded is now not playing back as it was recorded. If we are recording in mono through one IN, then we only need one out, if we are only running a single wire from OUT1 to the mixer the output is now lower as the bitbox thinks it should be sending a signal to 2 outs instead. I still don't understand how this is not addressed since I am not certain why this would be a thing to begin with. I respectfully ask that you address this and all of the other issues with the bitbox that are making this hard to utilize as what it was designed for, sampling. I understand that not everyone will be happy with the software, but there are a great handful of fixes etc that people are asking for which are things for the most part that just make this box usable for what it is, a sampler. Erica Synths has a new Drum Sampler coming this month and as it is, it seems to have a lot of features right out of the box that are unattainable with the bitbox. It just really sucks to see that other things are getting released here, like the Laserbox, but the sampler seems to be missing some basic functions. I know you guys work very hard on the updates, and I believe everyone appreciates the latest beta release, again I just ask that the basic core type of requests be addressed. Thank you Aaron, I am sorry if this post seems like I am angry, as I am not, just disappointed at the moment.

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    It's on the list of future potential features. I can certainly see the need for it.


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      I’m actually getting an octatrack after all, because it doesn’t really work in my setup with the bitbox like this...


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        Sorry we aren't able to keep up with you.

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        No worries Christine, new gear is always fun :-)