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Clip mode timing is wildly unpredictable?

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    First, I believe you. I'm just not seeing a problem on my end. We must be missing something.

    I would appreciate a video that shows your setup and the WAV you are using to sync. Please also include a shot of the parameters on the clip, including the quant, sync, etc.

    Thank you


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      Maybe I can shine a light on this issue because it seems it's not resolved. When you're playing live and you have everything in sync, there may be a moment where you want to record a clip.The clip records fine and will be in sync in future sessions, but NOT in the current one. Obviously it takes time to save all the new information, especially a +2 bar clip so it's important to get the fastest writespeed SD card you can get. I use SanDisk Extreme Plus 32 GB cards, the factory provided card is just too slow. In many cases, the clips play fine after saving and reloading the project. So the bitbox works fine when playing pre-recorded clips, but as a live looping tool it just doesn't get the new clip in sync with what's already playing. It catches up after a bar, but this 'first recording' bar is messy. Regardless, there's no way I am going to sell mine, love it.


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        ...but I have to be careful playing too many long clips at once. BitBox should be able to play 16 max length stereo clips at once, but it can't handle the load.12 clips is still manageable, so I decided to never use the top row when the other rows are playing. Works for me, still a pretty powerful sampler!