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Bitbox & Euclidian Circles - BUMMER?

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  • Bitbox & Euclidian Circles - BUMMER?

    I conected the two. While the pairing is theoretically wonderfull there are many, many crackles.
    Could that be due to me having an early Bitbox that cannot handle high voltages?
    The only way to use Bitbox properly so far has been with MIDI from a Beatstep Pro.
    I‘d love to have more was to use it with CV/gates coming from different sources, but if the early-version-handicap prevents that I‘m afraid I‘ll have to let go of this beautiful machine..

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    The problem has vanished.. the Euclidian Circles outputs 5V, so that’s not what caused it the first time.
    I‘ll keep exploring.


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      Hi mikeleebirds, I'm glad to hear the problem went away. I know its frustrating to have an issue and then not be able to reproduce it. Perhaps it was an issue with a bad patch cord? They do get abused in modular systems and the internal connections can break. If it pops up again, try swapping patch cords. If it still happens, follow up with us and we will see what we can do to help.


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        Hi Christine,

        Thanks for your answer.
        Hopefully this situation won’t present itself again.