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    next feature request: not seen bevore in this Thread.
    Not shure if this is trivial to implement or not ?

    the bitbox absolutely lacks a quick possibility to move samples from one cell to the other !

    I´d see it implemented this way:
    press "Home + Info" at the same time* ----> replaces the EXT1 /2/ 3 / 4 buttons with a new Menu
    ----> adds instead of EXt1 etc. the relevant buttons/menupoints to move samples quickly between cells
    ( probably some more buttons thinkable at same time/ for example: copy-paste)
    (in regards to "move"-----> for example just add a "move" button
    -------> press a cell ----> press move -----> press the cell you want the sample to move to ( the most simple solution )

    * if needed with a explicitly defined order, and timeframe.
    ---> for example: first press "home" ----> within 2-100ms press: info ( no too long time frame!)

    just my thoughts on this ! no clue how much work or how feasable or unfeasable it would be to implement


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      Originally posted by monix View Post

      So I was definitely on 2.5.1, and it wasn't working. So I went back to the old firmware I was using before the new one. Checked and everything was fine, but that was before you fixed the thing with being able to choose your desired out for recording. So I then reinstalled 2.5.1, and it still wasn't working. So I then tried restarting the module which I had not done prior. I think all it needed was a restart because now it's working. I am really happy to see this finally working. Thank you for this!!
      I had same issue, so i did your steps, i did it two times, however now it's working, Thanks Aaron & monix.
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        Hi - loving the mute functionality you put in place, but I noticed a little bug: While switching presets, a muted cell will be audible, even though the interface shows it as being muted. Could the mute functionality could be carried over from preset to preset?

        Also another separate bug I noticed is when a EXT signal is assigned to the sample length parameter, the endpoint does not save correctly and will reset to full length every time the preset is reloaded.

        Not super important, but just two things I had to work around while playing out with this. Great job with the module btw It is truly the backbone to my performance case.