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Swing + Bitbox ?

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  • Swing + Bitbox ?

    Hello! i'd like to ask if someone knows if the Eowave Swing module will affect the Bitbox quantized slicing behavior on Clips (1/16 and 1/8) or maybe not..? Thanks! ✌️

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    Good question. Bitbox's internal clocking scheme is meant to average out the incoming timing, which would have the effect of removing the swing. Of course, if you are triggering the notes or slicing from an external source that is using swing, you will hear them at the appropriate (swinging) time.


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      Thank you for your answer that saves me the cost of trying in vain
      I think i understand, even with drastic swing settings, the bitbox would recognize a 4 PPQ loop at least and adapt its internal straight clock to it. I guess there are good reasons for you to have implemented this behavior but I would really love to be able to desactivate the internal clock for my experimental needs, even if there may be a random latency on every PPQ depending on CPU & disk(s) usage i would be happy with it. Thanks again ✌️