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Bitbox latency test

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  • Bitbox latency test

    I tested the bitbox against Prok and Disting.. here's the result:

    the same trigger was used for all modules (using a mult). then into a mixer and into separate channels to my sound card.
    samples on disting and bitbox does not have any quiet part in the beginning (obviously).

    Just thought maybe someone was interested to see how it compares to other digital modules. i sampled at various places to make sure there werent any jitter (not likely since this is modular, not MIDI) - the results are the same. the samples are bass drums (since i'm using Prok BD).
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    here's a better test, trigger is now the reference instead of the fastest module


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      Thanks for posting this. That is about what I would expect. Bear in mind that 5ms is the same amount of time it takes sound to travel 5 feet.


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        hmm never really understood that argument though (it usually comes up when people talk about latency). I mean it works for a single sound, but if we talk music its about many sounds that are supposed to come together.. if one sound lags behind the others it can be audible.

        5ms will most likely not be audible though, even when playing with analog sources with close to 0 latency.

        Been a bit interested in the Tiptop One which is supposed to have 0.25 ms latency (how they've even managed that, makes me rather curious if its only on paper or if its actually in practice too..)


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          I mention the 1ms per foot of travel factoid to try and keep latency in perspective. I have met folks who are zealots and think we should do everything possible to get lower than where it currently is. I'm glad you agree that 5ms is good enough.

          It is possible to achieve lower latency on digital systems like bitbox. The trade off is that you need to increase the update rate and overhead to account for the smaller buffers. On something like bitbox that would translate into fewer voices.


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            Never really had an issue with the general latency of the bitbox. There was a slight issue with input latency when recording, but even that is vastly improved as of the last update.


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              Is Synthbox the same ?


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                You can expect similar performance on synthbox.


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                  I think latency in a sampler, triggering drums or percussive sounds can change the groove in a song.


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                    Originally posted by JeremyFlagelo View Post
                    I think latency in a sampler, triggering drums or percussive sounds can change the groove in a song.
                    yeah, it can be positive or negative, but mostly negative i think. If i want shuffle i prefer to have full control over it so that i know i will be happy with the results. i much prefer very tight timings.