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Bitbox not powering up

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  • Shledge
    Have you plugged it in the wrong way?

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  • richardangert
    started a topic Bitbox not powering up

    Bitbox not powering up

    When I try to load FXbox or Synthbox firmware, the module won't power up. If I don't press the 2 buttons on top, it powers up properly, but is now corrupted and won't load Bitbox as normal..
    While holding down the 2 buttons on top (Preset and Info), it causes my other modules to "flutter" as if there was a power problem and Bitbox won't power up or launch into the Firmware loader. I have tried pulling Bitbox out of the case and trying again, same result.
    I have the Synthrotek filtered Power Bundle with a 3A power capacity and my system total is only 2.6A.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.