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Settings .xml schema?

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  • Settings .xml schema?

    I recently started going through my old sample collection and realized it would be pretty straightforward to write a small python app that generated settings files for each sub directory of samples. It's easy enough to reverse engineer chunks of the object definitions from the file, but the ocd in me was wondering if you folks have published the schema for the xml file?

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    There are two types of XML files in blackbox. The first is the presets. We haven't published the schema and it does change from time to time. To check out the current version, start by writing a preset as this will use the latest format. The loading code will support various new and old schemas.

    The settings.tml file is also an XML file and represents the global settings for the box including what you find in the TOOLS pages.

    I hope this helps.


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      Totally does! Appreciate the quick reply.