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Clicking Noise Maybe Related to Voice Allocation

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  • Clicking Noise Maybe Related to Voice Allocation

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue where playing a cell in sample mode with midi is leading to a lot of clicks and pops. I have the ADSR set in a way that shouldn't be doing that so I'm thinking it might be happening when the 4 voice allocation rolls over to a new voice. Does anyone know if this is the case and if there are plans to fix that in the future? I was really hoping to use it as a polyphonic voice and 4 voices is plenty, it's just not really useable if there is a click every time a 5th voice kicks in.

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    If you are trying to play more than 4 notes at the same time (including the release time), I'm not surprised by a tiny click as the note is stolen. Please strive to minimize the overlap by ending notes earlier or reducing the release time.