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Accessing Slices Via MIDI on Single Channel

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  • Accessing Slices Via MIDI on Single Channel

    Hi Everyone! I have read the manual on how to access slices via MIDI, but this requires 2 MIDI channels to operate, one channel for which sample, and another for which slice to play. I am currently using a NerdSeq to trigger samples on my BitBox via MIDI, and would love to be able to trigger slices without using a step forward or random sequence, but this requires 2 channels and I do not have the luxury of dedicating these 2 channels on my NerdSeq for this.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to access specific slices via 1 MIDI channel? Am I way off base here?

    Thank you so much!

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    Only one channel is necessary. Inside the pad you want to control, choose the MIDI channel you want to use. On that channel, use the notes starting from C2 on up to trigger each different slice. You can switch off the global MIDI control to save channels.


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      Oh heck yeah! That is great news. I guess I was a bit confused reading the manual on this. Thank you!