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  • Encoder jitter...

    Hello everyone,

    One of the first things I noticed with the Bitbox (that gave me a sinking feeling) was the considerable jitter shown on the decimal values of the various paramters. Not only is there jitter but the values actually ratchet down over time. Making it necessary to move away from a prameter quickly, to keep it set! I upgraded the firmware from 1.2.2 to 1.3.6 and it was still the same. I even switched over to the Synthbox firmware with no improvement. Is this a bug? or do I have a problem module?


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    Hi Wavemachine,

    Sorry to hear about the difficulty. This is a hardware problem with a known solution. Please private message me (or send an email from our web form) so that we can arrange for a replacement or walk you through the fix.,

    Thank you for your support.



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      I have this issue also. PMed. Thanks!


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        Is this a hardware problem? I've had this issue as well that I mentioned and in video. From the standpoint of software you should be able to debounce this? In my case I had watched as well the numbers drop over time but if I get it right it will stay. Maybe a calibration procedure would be a good corrective action?


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          Hi Sephult,

          There are a number of things going on here. Yes, we have stepped up our filtering in software to address most of the issues. If you are still seeing runaway values please look me up.

          Thank you,



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            I have two series 1 xboxes. One jitters, one doesn't. Both run the same matrix.bin. Thought I'd share this with the forum...