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Clock sync in clip mode

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  • Clock sync in clip mode


    so, i got my Bitbox today after months of consideration, and I have 3 things in mind that I want to use it for (not necessarily at once)

    1. Record sample at play it in polyphony with a keyboard
    2. Record drum samples from my setup
    3. Use it as live looper where I can toggle in different loops, that are all synced to the same clock.

    now, 1 and 2 I was able to get working in less than 5 minutes with no manual, perfect!

    but number 3... not so much, even after consulting the manual.

    i tried to record a simple click, clocked by the same clock that clocked the Bitbox, to use as metronome for the rest of the recordings. I quantized recording to 1 bar, and tried various combinations of quant size and sync in clip mode, loop on, launch mode: toggle.
    now, I would expect the clip to play seamlessly over and over, but when the loop started over, it skipped a bit in the ryhtm, sometimes playing over it self.
    I also tried recording a semiconductor clip to see if I could get the clips to play back synced, no luck!

    What am I doing wrong?
    Software 2.5.2


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    i used a cv trigger from Vermona fourmulator


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      Nevermind.... i returned it, thanks for the help......