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  • BitBox analogue clock

    Hello all,
    I wonder if anyone can help me?
    No matter what clock I give my BitBox it doesn’t sync properly.
    Does anyone have any hints?
    Is BitBox very fussy in that it requires a particular waveform at a particular voltage?
    It would be lovely to be able to use the BitBox in sync with my other analogue gear.
    The Clock Ins on all my other gear seem to behave well.
    Many thanks

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    Hi bonnmusik -

    Bitbox expects a clock pulse signal of 4 pulses per quarter (PPQs), or a pulse per 16th note. Not all devices send the same clock signal. Be sure to check the PPQ on the sending device.

    let me know if that helps.




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      Hello Steve and thank you so much for your speedy and helpful response.
      My difficulty is with the shape and amplitude of the expected clock rather than the frequency of it.
      BitBox seems (to me, at least) to be very fussy about what it expects unlike all my other gear which seems more tolerant.
      I have managed to get it to “see” the clock out of a Copper Traces Seek but would you be good enough to let me know a couple of other devices that output clocks that BitBox likes?
      Many thanks!


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        Bitbox is designed to accept a pulse of about 3V or higher and at least 5ms in length. Sometimes the clock width is the issue with other eurorack gear.


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          Oh great, thank you so much for that Aaron.
          I do appreciate the unbelievably fast and helpful responses that I get from 1010.
          Most boutique modular designers/manufacturers are exceptionally decent and well-meaning folk but the ease of access and promptness of your responses is second to none.
          Many thanks.