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Simply stopping playback of a long, triggered sample

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  • Simply stopping playback of a long, triggered sample

    Version 2.0 is great! Fantastic, even.

    But a question remains. Say I have long (several minutes) sample that is being triggered by another module. How do I simply STOP the sample from playing back?

    Once the sample has been triggered, I can unplug the trigger cable, but sample keeps playing. I really wish there'd be a stop button, that could just stop the sample from playing back - whenever I want.

    Am I missing something?

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    i mentioned this behavior 2 months ago....


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      you could use toggle mode instead of trigger mode to activate playback (bitbox manual 2.0 p15)
      every trigger sent will play or stop playback


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        or you could modulate the level of the cell playing...
        send a trigger to play back the sample
        send 5V or 0V to one of the EXT modulation channels and configure it to modulate the level of the cell, set the level to -40dB or even lower,
        5V will open up the level, 0V will close it down...


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          Thanks for the suggestions, but they aren't what I need, really. What I need is to stop playback while adjusting/repatching/just general editing and moving things around. And at that time I want the bitbox to be quiet. As there is no "mute" button, or any manual mute behaviour at all, as far as I can tell, I just can't get the unit to stop when I want it to. Patching things as per above is fine (enough) for performance related behaviour, but not for just fiddling around behaviour, IMO:


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            the toggle feature does not require any cabling... simply activate/desactivate the cell from the touchscreen..

            a cell mute would be nice indeed (sample keeps playing in the background), but then one would have to choose which behavior is needed per cell: muting the cell or triggering/toggling/gating the cell (could be a user selectable setting)


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              Thanks for raising this issue. As Pascalm pointed out, toggle is close to what you need and is how I always start and stop long samples.

              We will keep a dedicated stop function in mind. With software, our work is never truly done.

              Take care,



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                I ran into this problem and agree that when the clock stops, the playback should stop.
                Further, a command to stop a triggered sample will also be helpful.

                But I sorted out a workaround for loops which were playing during breaks, and when I wanted to stop/re start sections in a performance where the triggered sample needs a trigger/midi note on for the length of the time played.
                For example:
                I've got a 2 bar loop, and I want to play it in different ways:
                1/2 bar looping, and then at the last full bar I want to let 1 bar of the loop play and repeat.
                The problem is that when I press stop, wherever I am, the rest of the file plays. It's a mess and it makes using BitBox for drum loops and music loops pretty much a no go unless I'm JUST looping things, and not interacting with other modules, or devices for a composition.

                Workaround Solution:
                I use midi (I know) and have midi notes on for the periods that the loop should be playing.

                1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

                For whatever reason this works.
                When I stop, the loop stops.
                Seems like Note Off is communicated and the note's off message is received by BitBox and the loop doesn't play to the end.

                I would prefer that this worked differently. I would love it if when triggering clips if the clock stop is received, then the clips all stop playback.
                This would enable me to use my eurorack sequencers and get off the midi bus completely. That would be ideal.

                But for now, this workaround seems to work.