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Channel 1 making insanely loud noise.

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  • Channel 1 making insanely loud noise.

    when i try to record something to channel 1 (bottom left pad) i get this extreme digital noise burst for a couple of seconds.
    Other channels don't seem to do this. edit the channel above it also seem to do this (pad 5)
    Might be a midi problem? i'm using midi out from a beatstep pro using the beatstep as a master clock with midi.
    I already tried to reinstal firmware and reformat the SD card, but nothing seem to have changed anything.
    please let me know how to prevent this from happening because it might damage my equipment.

    i found out that if i turn off global midi channel 10 to something else this problem goes away.
    still a bit anxious about using this because i have the feeling it might damage my equipment still.

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    Can you provide more details? Are you recording audio or MIDI? Are you talking about the sample Pad or a Sequence cell? if you can give me some steps to reliably reproduce, I would be happy to test.



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      Here i recorded some videos. me trying to record some wobble stuff. (not even a dub step producer)

      This is also interesting.
      Even with the input cables unplugged it still seem to catch some of those sounds i tried recording earlier.


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        Hello, Just got a Bitbox recently, on the latest firmware. I'm getting this same behavior but haven't narrowed it down to specific pad or channel. It is a very loud burst of noise, some times when monitoring incoming signals, some times when just browsing for samples with nothing but the output channel connected. I just wanted to corroborate this sound. I haven't used midi at any point.

        I'll continue do some troubleshooting to narrow it down to something reproducible. It's most common when I have gates or trigs going into a pad that has nothing assigned to it.
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        • Steve
          Steve commented
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          solid repro steps and/or a video would be great to see.


        • the_oid
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          Since updating to the beta firmware, I haven't heard it, but will nail down repro steps if I do.

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        Still the same issue here. weird that i haven't got much fb on it.
        Might have to send it back..


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          Please update to firmware version 3.0


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            i got 2.9B is that right? i updated to this some days ago and the problem is gone.
            New problem now that some channels record overdub. so after 1 loop they record over eachother resulting in a glitch.