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Presets preserved when updating firmware?

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  • Presets preserved when updating firmware?

    Excited to update firmware but want to make sure I don't skewer my presets in the process. The instructions make it sound like presets will be preserved - is this correct? Will the cells in existing presets need to be identified as one of the new cell types and assigned accordingly..?

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    Thanks for the question.

    2.0 will read the basics of a version 1.x preset, specifically the filename, pitch, gain, etc. for each cell. It will attempt to map cells into the new cell types (sample, clip, or slicer), but may get this wrong given some of the overlapping options. You may need to fix some cells by adjusting the type.

    Since 2.0 does modulation quite differently, you will lose the configuration for the EXT cells when loading a 1.x preset. You will need to set this up per cell as needed.

    Also the output routing changed (cell versus track), so that information will also be lost. It can easily be recreated.

    It is always a good idea to make a backup first in case something goes wrong.

    Let us know if need anything else.